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Programmable atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation 2.1


ParityQC Video: ParityOS

Explore the latest #ParityPrinciples video unveiling the revolutionary operating system: ParityOS.

Designed as an all-encompassing solution for tackling real-world challenges on quantum computers, P...

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European Quantum Collaboration Gains Momentum Under Spanish Presidency

The Spanish Presidency, alongside European Commissioner Thierry Breton, declared a commitment to enhance collaboration on quantum technologies, envisioning Europe as the global 'quantum valley'. Ackno...

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PASQuanS2.1 Project Update

In a significant stride forward, PASQuanS2.1 partners from Universität Innsbruck have recently disseminated noteworthy findings in Nature.

The Innsbruck team, led by Peter Zoller, has experimentally...

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Immanuel Bloch, PASQuanS2.1 Project Coordinator, Awarded Stern Gerlach Medal

Immanuel Bloch, coordinator of the PASQuanS2.1 project, has been honoured with the prestigious Stern Gerlach Medal by the German Physical Society. Recognised for groundbreaking work in quantum simulat...

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PASQuanS2.1 actively participated in the successful European Quantum Technologies Conference held in Hannover

PASQuanS2.1 actively contributed to the European Quantum Technologies Conference 2023 (EQTC2023), presenting notable advancements in quantum innovations alongside partners from the consortium. The con...

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ParityQC Blog: Quantum computing for electric mobility: a case study

Electric mobility is poised to become a cornerstone solution in addressing significant environmental and public health challenges in the coming decades. By curbing greenhouse gas and fine particle emi...

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News article: Europe will strengthen its position in these 3 industries within the next decade

The rise of quantum computing has sparked widespread interest as a revolutionary technology poised to redefine computer science and revolutionize various industries. According to McKinsey, quantum com...

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ParityQC Video: Solving Optimization Problems with Quantum Computers

Embark on a journey with as ParityQC team delves into the fundamental principles underlying ParityQC technology.

In this episode, Barry Mant and Josua Unger delve into the immense potential of quant...

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Alpine Quantum Technologies Whitepaper: Quantum computing for finance

The financial sector has seen significant shifts towards online transactions, driven by information technology's influence. Yet, traditional models and IT systems face limitations in developing financ...

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Alpine Quantum Technologies News: Commercializing quantum computers step by step

Quantum computers offer the potential to surpass traditional counterparts by leveraging unique properties of the atomic realm. From crafting novel materials to streamlining delivery logistics and drug...

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Alpine Quantum Technologies Blog: Quantum memory lifetime

In the realm of quantum computing, information storage differs significantly from classical computers. While classical computers store information in binary states, quantum computers can hold informat...

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New Project “PASQuanS2”

Launch of PASQuanS2: Transforming the Landscape for Programmable Quantum Simulation in Europe

  • PASQuanS2 (Programmable Atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation) aims to develop next-generation programma...
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