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Programmable atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation 2.1


European Quantum Flagship: The European Quantum Flagship is a research and innovation initiative launched by the European Union (EU) to accelerate advancements in quantum technologies across Europe. It aims to foster collaboration among academia, industry, and government to drive quantum research, development, and innovation.

Hardware Supply Chain: The network of suppliers and manufacturers involved in producing and delivering the physical components and devices required for quantum simulators. A robust hardware supply chain ensures the availability and scalability of quantum simulation platforms. Open Quantum Simulation Platforms: Platforms or frameworks that provide accessible and open-source tools and resources for quantum simulation. Open platforms enable researchers and users to experiment, develop, and collaborate on quantum simulations.

PASQuanS: An acronym for Programmable Atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation, which is a research and innovation project funded under the European Quantum Flagship initiative. PASQuanS focuses on advancing quantum simulation platforms based on atoms and ions, making them among the most advanced to date.

Quantum Technology: Refers to the field of science and engineering that focuses on harnessing the principles of quantum mechanics to develop new technologies, including quantum computing, quantum communication, and quantum sensing.

Quantum Simulators: Devices or systems that aim to replicate and simulate the behavior of quantum systems to study and understand complex phenomena. Quantum simulators are used to address scientific and industrial problems, such as quantum materials, drug research, and optimization problems. Quantum Advantage: Refers to the ability of quantum systems, such as quantum simulators, to solve certain problems more efficiently or accurately than classical computers. Achieving quantum advantage demonstrates the practical value and potential applications of quantum technology.