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Programmable atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation 2.1

Immanuel Bloch, PASQuanS2.1 Project Coordinator, Awarded Stern Gerlach Medal

Immanuel Bloch, coordinator of the PASQuanS2.1 project, has been honoured with the prestigious Stern Gerlach Medal by the German Physical Society. Recognised for groundbreaking work in quantum simulations, Bloch's research, based on ultracold atoms in optical lattices, opens new frontiers in quantum physics.

Scheduled for presentation at the DPG's March 2024 conference, the award acknowledges Bloch's pivotal role in manipulating ultracold atoms within optical lattices. His work has significantly advanced the understanding of condensed matter physics and quantum simulation.

Expressing gratitude, Bloch states, "I am deeply honoured to receive the Stern Gerlach Medal 2024 from the German Physical Society."

For more details on this remarkable achievement, read the news article here.