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Programmable atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation 2.1

Antoine Browaeys, PASQuanS2.1 Executive Committee member from IOTA has been elected to the French Academy of Sciences

Antoine Browaeys, member of the PASQuanS2.1 Executive Committee from IOTA, has been elected to the French Academy of Sciences. This prestigious election took place on June 4, 2024, and recognised eighteen new members.

Antoine Browaeys has been a CNRS researcher at the Charles Fabry Laboratory (LCF) since 2013. He leads the Quantum Optics – Atoms research team and is renowned for his expertise in manipulating atoms with lasers.

PASQuanS2.1 is very honoured and fortunate to have such a distinguished scientist as part of its community.

For more information, read more here.

Photo courtesy of Universite Paris-Saclay