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Programmable atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation 2.1


PASQuanS2 is a seven-year Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA) sub-divided into two phases called Specific Grant Agreements (SGA 1 + 2) and corresponding projects.

In PASQuanS2.1, we have a timeline that spans over 3.5 years. In this phase, we will be focusing on several key areas: Firstly, we will be developing advanced technologies to support quantum simulators capable of handling up to 2000 atoms. Additionally, we will expand the range of applications for these simulators and test a complete software system. Our aim is to showcase the advantage of quantum technology in solving both academic and practical problems. We will also work towards making large-scale, programmable quantum simulators accessible online through cloud-based platforms. To ensure the sustainability of these advancements, we will establish a supply chain and encourage the creation of new startup companies.

In the second phase, known as PASQuanS2.2, we will further expand our quantum simulators to handle up to 10,000 atoms. By the end of the entire FPA, we expect to demonstrate real-world applications that provide verified benefits from quantum technology. Furthermore, we will explore the development of next-generation quantum technologies, particularly in areas like metrology and sensing, using these simulators.

Our ultimate goal is to establish a strong and sustainable network of partners throughout Europe. This network will include end-users, startups, and technology companies, working together to ensure the continued growth and success of quantum simulation technology.