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Programmable atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation 2.1

University of Padua

The Department of Physics and Astronomy is an outstanding pillar of academic knowledge and scientific research within the University of Padua (UNIPD), one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in 1222. Since then, it has been home to figures who changed the cultural and scientific history of humanity, including Copernicus and Galileo Galilei. The University and the Department of Physics and Astronomy continue the centuries-old tradition, with involvement in research projects at the highest international competitiveness in fundamental physics, applied physics, and astronomy. The Quantum Information and Matter research group at the Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia UNIPD has already achieved several high-impact research targets, despite being less than 10 years old. Additionally, in 2020, the Padua QTech Center has been founded via a collaborative joint effort from the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Engineering of Information, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Role within PASQuanS 2

The UNIPD node contributes as a theoretical research partner to the research goals of PASQuanS2, by providing its vast, grounded expertise on three main specialized topics regarding:

  1. Tensor Network methods as a quantum-inspired family of numerical simulation techniques capable of describing correlated many-body quantum states based on an entanglement-efficient description.
  2. Optimal Control techniques to improve quantum information processing routines, on any programmable experimental platform, against noise, decoherence and to speed-up execution time. Optimal Control employs a wide variety of feedback loop and machine learning strategies to optimize experiments based on their own data output.
  3. Modeling and Hamiltonian Engineering methods, such as Floquet theory, to build and probe dedicated (analog) quantum simulators from time-dependent programmable dynamical resources.

Main contacts

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Simone Montangero
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Marcello Dalmonte
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Marco Fedele Di Liberto
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Pietro Silvi