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Programmable atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation 2.1

Parity Quantum Computing GmbH

ParityQC is a quantum architecture company, introducing a new paradigm on how to solve optimization problems on quantum computers. We develop blueprints for quantum computers based on our patented ParityQC Architecture, as well as the appertaining operating system ParityOS. The ParityQC Architecture is scalable by nature and it radically reduces the control complexity in quantum computers, enabling hardware developers to solve industry-relevant problems earlier than through other approaches. ParityQC was founded in January 2020 in Innsbruck (Austria) as a spin-off from the University of Innsbruck and the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Role within PASQuanS 2

Within the PASQuanS2.1 project, ParityQC will take part in WP3, where it will be responsible for architecture development. The team of ParityQC will develop novel techniques for multi-qubit interactions based on counter-diabatic state-preparation for ions and Rydberg atoms, as well as a novel theoretical framework. ParityQC will also be a participant of WP4, developing error mitigation strategies for variational quantum algorithms, with the aim of solving optimization problems in arrays of Rydberg atoms or ion quantum computers. The outcome will be enhanced ground-state fidelity of optimization algorithms in the presence of noise. Finally, ParityQC will lead WP5, focusing on the development of a sustainable ecosystem of end-users from industry and on the identification, development and study of real-life use-cases with them. The work package will include specifically the fostering of new end-user projects and the creation of an end-user board that will hold regular meetings and present their progress. The identified use cases include quantum machine learning, material simulation, logistics in energy management and earth observation.

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