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Programmable atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation 2.1

BULL SAS, EVIDEN an Atos business

Atos Big Data & Security (BDS), contributing to this project, is the business line for Atos’ technology products and software (former BULL SAS). With a rich heritage of over 80 years of technological innovation, 2,000 patents and a 700 strong R&D team supported by the Atos Scientific Community, Atos BDS offers products and value-added software to assist clients in their digital transformation, specifically in the areas of Big Data and cyber security. As a computing leader in Europe, Atos launched in 2016 the quantum program led by a high-level advisory board and implemented by the Atos R&D Quantum lab. Atos BDS has since been developing the proprietary Atos Quantum Learning Machine (QLM) and its free community edition, myQLM. ATOS has defined a global strategy for Quantum Computing covering the support to Quantum software/hardware developers through its QLM platform, including high-level Quantum programming framework, HPC simulators to emulate any Quantum Processing Unit (QPU) aiming at testing and assessing quantum implementations of relevant use cases. This QLM platform is among the most complete and fastest quantum programming environment in the world. It is used by circa 20 public and private large research facilities in 10+ countries. Atos is #1 HPC manufacturer in Europe, #4 worldwide, and among the world leaders in the nascent field of quantum software.

Role within PASQuanS 2

The team at Atos will develop a high-level programming interface for analog quantum simulators. This interface will allow to drive the analog platforms using a pulse-based language and receive experimental results in a normalized way. The language will be generic enough that it can address all the platforms of Pasquans2 (however, not all instructions of the language will be compatible with all the platforms).

Also, the team will develop a digital twin for the hardware platforms. This digital twin will classically emulate experimental platforms using high-performance numerical simulations with realistic noise models. These numerical simulations will among others resort to tensor-network representations of the quantum state and should address hundreds of particles (at the cost of a compression of the information).

Our vision for PASQuanS 2

EVIDEN an Atos business, through his BULL SAS entity hosting the Quantum R&D lab managed by Cyril Allouche, is proud joining PASQuanS2.1 to support the maturation of three HW technologies dedicated to design Quantum Processor Units, by contributing to their assessment through the development of digital twins with realistic noisy emulators and enabling their operational use through the development of a quantum programming environment and tools in order to address quantum computations both to emulators and QPUs for efficiently designing quantum algorithms solving industrial use-cases leveraging quantum advantages from the performances that will be reached by our closer collaborative HW and SW contributions.

Alexis Gais

Main contacts

Photo of Cyril Allouche
Cyril Allouche

Head of Quantum R&D lab

Photo of Corentin Bertrand
Corentin Bertrand

Quantum Research Engineer

Photo of Alexis Gais
Alexis Gais

PMO coordinating legal, tech & financial aspects