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Programmable atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation 2.1


TOPTICA Photonics SAS (formerly Azurlight Systems) is the French hub of TOPTICA Photonics based in Bordeaux. The company is specialized in continuous wave (CW) high power, single-frequency and low noise fiber lasers and amplifiers for both scientific and industrial applications. With more of 10 years of experience in development and optimization of ultra-low noise and high-power systems (up to 130 W in the infrared and 10 W in the visible range), the company has become the main supplier of quantum applications especially for atom cooling and trapping. The research and development part of TOPTICA Photonics SAS is also involved in a common laboratory with the LP2N and the University of Bordeaux called Starlight+ for keeping a high level of innovation. The company is also specialized in custom or non-standard laser sources for suppling the perfect laser for each customer.

Role within PASQuanS 2

TOPTICA Photonics SAS is involved in the laser supply chain for different partners in the project with the development of three different laser sources both in infrared and visible range. Based on standard product from the company, the main goals are to increase by a factor 10 the power without degrading performances in terms of noise and robustness. These new low noise and high power laser sources will be used for optical lattices, Rydberg states coupling fidelity and for Strontium clock state.

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