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Programmable atomic Large-Scale Quantum Simulation 2.1

Alpine Quantum Technologies GmbH

AQT is a quantum computing startup from Innsbruck founded in 2018. Building on decades of experience in experimental and theoretical quantum information processing, AQT develops and builds quantum computers. The company's goal is to offer ion trap-based quantum computers that fit seamlessly into conventional IT infrastructure and can be operated from any PC or laptop, regardless of location. AQT already enables its customers to install quantum computers on site or to use them via a convenient cloud solution. AQT supports research customers with quantum hardware components and complete solutions that significantly accelerate the development of quantum optics experiments.

Role within PASQuanS 2

Within the PASQuanS2.1 project, AQT focuses on furthering the capabilities the ion-trap technology for quantum simulation. Main goals include extending hardware control capabilities and developing software for automated operation of ion-based quantum simulator devices. The company also advises and assists in implementing cloud services for quantum simulations using ion platform.

Main contacts

Photo of Dr. Juris Ulmanis
Dr. Juris Ulmanis

Director of Quantum Technology AQT

Photo of Dr. Etienne Wodey
Dr. Etienne Wodey

Quantum engineer & Software developer

Photo of Franz Domig
Franz Domig

Director Marketing AQT